What Makes Modular Concepts Different:

"Our approach is to work for each customer as they need, not as I, as the service provider determine."
Luiz DaCosta
Luiz DaCosta


We work with these basic Modules.
We will service only the Areas you designate on the Frequency that works best for you, performing the Tasks you select.   
By combining the 3 Modules, we find the perfect solution for your space, so you pay only for that, which we believe is the fair way to charge for our services.
Enough of paying for spaces never cleaned and tasks never executed!


  • Our longevity as your service provider depends exclusively on the quality of our services. 
  • As long as we are offering a high-quality service, you will have no reason to replace us.
  • If we are not delivering consistent quality commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services, then you should replace us.
  • Working without a contract is our way to let you free to deal with us based entirely on our performance. 
  • The services you hired us to do should be one less thing for you to think about, not one more!
  • Our system will deliver a better result at a fair cost.

Get Started:

Our commercial cleaning and facility maintenance system will deliver a better result at a fair cost.

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