We are so proud to work with Modular Concepts LLC, Luiz has a great team that cleans our whole building every day. So happy to go in to a clean office every day!! Thanks Joann Ducharme Office Manager for the Davis Companies.

Joann Ducharme


I was very proud to work with Modular Concepts, special with Luiz he’s the type guy that can help you with all your needs in Cleaning Services. I’ve known him since 2009 and I’ll recommend to call him for all your Cleaning needs. All Best Claudemir

Excellent Svc


It was a truly excellent experience working with Luiz & the team at Modular Concepts. I hired them to clean my late parents' house in preparation for sale. Within the course of one day, they tackled every room including the windows, sills, walls, lights, floors, etc, plus the exterior (power washing & gutters). Reasonable rate, professional, and responsive. I'd hired them again in a heartbeat!

Laura Price


As a small business owner of 3 physical therapy clinics, trying to ensure patient and employee safety during this challenging time, I wanted to ensure the cleaning we had done was done properly (using EPA accepted COVID-19 disinfectants) and efficiently. A big THANK YOU! to Modular Concepts who responded quickly to our request and did an AMAZING job! Don't hesitate to use them for your business!

Mark Powicki


Luiz Thomaz and his crew at Modular Concepts succeeded in restoring my vinyl tile floor to a shining new conditions. I am very happy with the results, they exceeded my expectations and I have decided to start using Modular for the rest of my office cleaning. Thank you guys!

Henning W. Kristiansen


I have seen how clean they can transform a gym with treads rowers weights ect to clean sweat free and smells fresh! I also walk into the office and can tell when the cleaners have been through. Just imagine what they can do for you and your workspace!

Dennis Maroney



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