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How about No Contract Cleaning?

Modular, in a nutshell


Modular was created in 2014 and issued its first invoice in June of the same year to its first and only customer at that time.

Adding more than 15 years of executive experience in the cleaning industry to over 10 years of experience cleaning business, the Thomaz DaCosta family started Modular based on their own values and culture, and also created the company's most important feature; the PERFORMANCE BASED COMMITMENT

“We believe that our longevity as your service provider should depend on the quality of our services, not on a contract”

With hard work and dedication, and with no marketing other than mouth-to-mouth referrals, Modular now has a large number of recurring customers of various sizes and frequencies, from Every-Other-Week (EOW) to 7x per week.

Although none of those customers are tied to us by a contract, we can literally count in one hand the number of cancellations received since we started.

The ones we lost are a constant reminder that nothing is so well done that cannot be improved, and that we are as good as our help. That’s why we are very serious about who we hire and how they work.

Our attrition rate is extremely low, which validates our NO CONTRACTS philosophy.

We currently perform cleaning services at day care facilities, private schools, special education institutions, non-profits, dentist offices, medical offices, industries, commercial buildings, office spaces, office hubs, martial arts studios, churches, water treatment facilities, banks, law offices, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, and more. For many of our customers we are also responsible for small repairs, with our handyman services, and supply management, which goes hand-on-hand with our cleaning service.


Our Mission

To provide professional cleaning to business, on a Performance Based Commitment, with no contracts, sustained only by the quality of our services.

Our Vision

To become the reference for quality and integrity in the service business.

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Click here to read our CEO interview with Boston Voyager Magazine, talking about his life in Brazil, his work experience, involvement in the community, and the creation of Modular.

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